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Rotafix Timberset

Rotafix is a 2 part thixotropic epoxy adhesive specifically used for timber crack injection and the installation of metallic and non-metallic rods into timber. The fast setting nature of the adhesive and the strong bond that it attains makes it attractive to timber and oak framing companies using resiwood and rotafix methods.

Rotafix Timberset has many uses including :

  • Timber resin splice repairs
  • Bonding in rods and plates
  • Timber Construction
  • Wood Engineering
  • Timber Repair
  • External Repairs
  • Bonding metal to wood

 Timberset is a solvent free environmentally sound product that has been used extensively for timber engineering projects such as in using bonded in rods and plates. The fast setting nature of Timberset is appealing to construction companies.

Timberset adhesive is ideal for applications where the timber is likely to remain moist, ie. external applications.

The thixotropic searching nature of the glue lends itself to being pumped into holes and comes supplied with a standard cartridge, mixing pots and pre-measured base and hardner materials.


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