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Rotafix Structural Adhesive(RSA)

This high performance unfilled thixotropic slow setting structural epoxy adhesive is used for timber engineering. The slow setting nature of the epoxy glue allows you to manipulate timber joints for a period of time, this is particularly useful for flooring boards, roofing sheets.

Rotafix RSA is an epoxy structural adhesive used extensively for :-

  • Bonding rods and plates into timber engineering repairs, such as Timber Resin Splice
  • Strengthen upgrading timber using bonded in flitch plates
  • GluLam delamination repairs using rods.
  • Construction in wood
  • Structural Joint Glue
  • Moment resisting joints
  • Stressed skin floors

RSA is a solvent free, thixotropic epoxy adhesive which can be applied horizontally or vertically. There is negligible slump so working overhead or in side slotted substrates is not an issue.

RSA epoxy adhesive can also be used for Concrete and Masonry repairs and performs well in brick, block or stone work. RSA structural adhesive can be used for crack stitching masonry where cementitious products are inappropriate.

From £22.95

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Rotafix Structural Adhesive RSA- 400cc Price £22.95
Rotafix Structural Adhesive RSA - 3L Price £125.00

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