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Rotafix CB10T Adhesive

Rotafix CB10T solvent free, fast setting high strength 2 part unfilled thixotropic adhesive which is used for the bonding in of rods and plates into timber. It provides excellent adhesion to metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Rotafix CB10T is primarily used in the following applications

  • Timber Engineering
  • Wood Construction
  • Timber Resin Splice Repairs
  • Bonding in rods, plates that are made of CFRP, GFRP or metal
  • Upgrading the strength of timber beams using modified flitch methods.




CB10T is a also very effective for masonry repairs and bonding components into stone, brick and block and can be used for masonry stitching when combined with thor helical rods. For more information see masonry stitching kit in the masonry products section

CB10T can be used overhead or verticially as it has a gel like consistency.

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