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Rotafix TG6 - Timber Grout

Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout is a solvent free, pourable structural grout used for the reinstatement of timber beams. Rotafix TG6 is a filled three part epoxy resin system specifically designed for the repair and upgrading of beams. The unique Rotafix TG6 formula is fire rated to 1 hour.

The main uses of TG6 are :-

  • Timber Resin Splice
  • Wooden Joist Repair
  • Beam Strengthening Upgrades such as modified flitch
  • Wall pocket beam end replacement
  • Epoxy Wood Filler
  • Timber Beam Repair Resin

Historical and heritage organisations are very supportive of TG6 as it enables you to retain as much as possible of the original timber feature.

TG6 comes pre-weighed in packs that will give 7.5 Litres of material.

TG6 has been formulated to deaerate, ie all the bubbles float to the surface and burst leaving you with a solid resin repair that has no porosity.

TG6 is a pourable resin, that when poured into a slot will flow up to 6m. The searching nature of the resin will find and fill holes easily.

TG6 is inert and solvent free, it is suitable for use in all timbers, softwood and hardwood.


From £48.50

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TG6 - Timber Grout - 2.5L Price £48.50
TG6 - Timber Grout - 7.5L Price £120.00

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