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Resiwood™ Timber Adhesives and Structural Grout                   


Rotafix Structural Adhesive (RSA)


Rotafix Structural Adhesive(RSA) is a pumpable 2 part thixotropic system that  is ideal for injecting and pumping into blind holes, side slots, cracks and fissures. The slow setting, gap filling epoxy adhesive has been designed to be used as a thick film. The cured low modulus system has a degree of movement which allows it to flex with the wood.









Rotafix CB10T adhesive is a fast setting 2 part thixotropic epoxy adhesive used for bonding in rods or plates where speed is of the essence. Rotafix CB10T adhesive is used as a thick film fast cure adhesive and can be injected into cracks , fissures, side slots and bottom slots.





Rotafix Timberset™ Adhesive


Rotafix Timberset™ Adhesive is a 2 part thixotropic epoxy used where the moisture content of the timber does not exceed  20% and where the timber is expected to remain in a moist condition.



Timberset Adhesive



Rotafix Engineering Adhesive



Rotafix Engineering Adhesive(EA) is a pumpable 2 part thixotropic epoxy adhesive similar to RSA in consistency but modified to further increase the flexural modulus of the cured adhesive. This allows a higher degree of movement and flex in the conenction. EA is a slow setting, gap filling epoxy adhesive, designed to be used as a thick film up to 12 mm, giving the operator the opportunity to position and move the repair components.




Rotafix Lamset Liquid Adhesive



Rotafix Lamset liquid is a 2 part epoxy adhesive used for laminating or bonding timber to timber components. This fast setting thin film adhesive is ideal for building up sections of timber and can be used on site without specialist equipment or controlled environment.





Timber Grout


Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout is a pourable 3 part structural grout designed specifically for timber repair and replacement. By using a header it is possible to pour up to 50 litres of adhesive that will flow up to a distance of 6 metres. This unique formulation ensures that it de-gases, forming a void free solid timber substitute. The mixed and cured TG6 has a fire rating of 1 hour. 







Rotafix HMPU is a single part High Modulus PolyUrethane Joint Sealant. It has good resistance to UV light and has good adhesion to most building substrates including timber, aluminium, stainless steel and ceramics. 


Rotafix Consolidating Liquid


Rotafix Consolidating Liquid is a slow setting, 2 component epoxy liquid which when mixed will produce a low viscosity slow setting epoxy grout suitable for either injection into concrete or for consolidating friable or damaged timber.

Consolidating Liquid  


Rods and Plates

Rotafix Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Rods and Plates (GFRP)



Rotafix Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Rods and Plates (GFRP) are available in  a range of diameters, lengths and sizes to suit the load bearing capacity of specific designs.

 GFRP Rods are used for :

  • Repairing delaminating glulam beams
  • Timber resin splice connections.
  • Strengthen and upgrade timber beams and joists.

GFRP rods are compatible with Rotafix Products TG6, Rotafix Structual Adhesive(RSA), EA, Timberset.

Rods are available in the following sizes: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm

Standard rod lengths are 2.5m

Rod lengths available up to 5m.

Plates are available in size 100mm wide x 4mm thickness.


 CFRP Rods and Plates


Rotafix Fibre Reinforced Plastic products.  CFRP composite technology is a combination of carbon fibre and Rotafix specially formulated adhesive. Carbon fibre high strength and rigidity and exhibits good good flexural stress behaviour in both static and dynamic loading situations.

The inert nature of the CFRP offers excellent corrosion resistance and is unaffected by wood tannin, solvents or aqueous timber preservation treatments.

Uses include repairing, delaminating beams, strengthening and upgrading timber, beam end repairs, timber repairs, and joints.

Compatible with TG6, RSA, CB10T and Timberset

Carbon Fibre Plate is 50mm wide, 2mm thick available in lengths upto 5m

 Rods are available in 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 12mm diameters. 



 Carbon Fibre Plate  
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