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Resiwood™ Masonry Repair Products


Rotafix Structual Adhesive (RSA)



Rotafix Structural Adhesive(RSA) is pumpable 2 part thixotropic epoxy that forms a high strength adhesive when cured.  This slow setting system  is ideal for injecting and pumping into blind holes, side slots, cracks and fissures. The gap filling adhesive has been designed to be used as a thick film. The cured low modulus system has a degree of movement which allows it to flex with the connection.<>



 Rotafix CB10T Adhesive

Rotafix CB10T Adhesive is a fast setting 2 part thixotropic epoxy used for bonding rods or plates in conenctions where speed is of the essence. CB10T is used as a thick film adhesive and can be injected into cracks , fissures, side slots and bottom slots.








Rendacrete Lightweight(LW) is a mixture of cements, aggregates, accelerators and polymers used to repair concrete. Rendacrete(LW) is a high build system that can be applied vertically and overhead. Rendacrete(LW) is approved to BS6920 for the storage of potable water. This product can be used in conunction with P12 Primer and High Adhesive(HA) Slurry if required.

Stone Repair Putty


Stone Repair Putty is a 2 part mouldable mortar used in masonry repairs. Once applied uncured Stone Repair Putty can be moulded, shaped. Once cured the Stone Repair Putty may be shaped by chiselling or carving and finished by sanding to give any chosen shape. The Stone Repair Putty is high build and can be used vertically or over head if necessary.

This product can be colour matched to a Clients sample as a special order.


P12 Surface Tack Primer


P12 Surface Tack Primer is a solvent      free unfilled epoxy primer used to prepare concrete and masonry surfaces for bonding new mortars and screeds. A potable water version is available. P12 Surface Tack Primer can be used in conjunction with Rotafix Rendacrete.



High Adhesion(HA) Slurry

High Adhesion(HA) Slurry primer is a formulated acrylic cementitious powder based coating used to protect steel reinforcing prior to concrete repair. This product can be used in conjunction with Rotafix Rendacrete.



 HA Slurry Primer


Zeroset™ Anchor Grout



Zeroset™ Anchor Grout is a high performance epoxy system that has been approved by the Department of Transport for parapet anchoring. Zeroset Anchor Grout will cure in a wet hole at temeperatures as low as 0 Deg C.

The high performance Zeroset Anchor Grout has been designed specifically for smooth walled, diamond drilled holes in concrete.


Cembond Grout


Cembond Grout is a high performance non- shrink thixotropic cement based grout suitable for injction with a hand or power applicator. Cembond cohesive mortar completely fills all voids into which it is injected. Suitable for bonding metal components into masonry, concrete and stone. Can be used with Spirotie to create an effective masonry stitching solution.



 Cembond Grout


Masonry Stitching Kit



Complete kit for masonry stitching which includes 10 x 1metre lengths of thor helical rods, 3 litres of Cembond Grout and a 1 litre pointing gun.




Vinachem™ Stone Sealer




Vinachem™ Stone Sealer is an aqueous polymer solution of fine acrylic particles.

The liquid penetrates deep into natural stone, concrete, masonry and brick, thereby providing a water resistant polymer barrier. Only one coat required. 


Stone Sealer  

RM20 Lightweight(LW) Repair Mortar

RM20 Lightweight(LW) Repair Mortar is a 3 part mix for vertical and overhead application to concrete and masonry. May be applied as a single application up to 40mm thick.


Rotafix RM2O LW Repair Mortar  




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