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Aquachem is a water miscible 2 part epoxy solution that can be used as damp proof membrane, a tanking solution or an attractive floor coating. Aquachem is suitable for clean rooms, food prep areas, swimming pools. When Aquachem is used in conjunction with Dynagrip then an effective anti-skid surface is created. This is used extensively in walk ways, ramps and slip ways as well as industrial floors and in medical environments. This product should be used in conjunction with Aquachem Primer. <>

Aquachem Primer


Aquachem Primer is used in conjunction with Aquachem. Aquachem Primer, when used in conjunction with Aquachem coloured coats, is an unfilled water miscible 2-part epoxy sealer. Aquachem Primer can also be used as a top coat sealer. When combined with flakes a decorative finish can be created. <>



Polymer Sealer



Vinachem is a aqueous polymer solution of fine acrylic particles. Vinachem offers maximum penetration into concrete, masonry and brick to provide a water resistant polymer barrier when cured.

Vinachem can be brush, roller or spray applied. One coat is all you would need. <>






Chemflor is a 2- part unfilled low viscosity liquid epoxy sealing solution for timber, concrete and stone. Chemflor CR is chemically resistant to acids. <>




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